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Construction projects are some of the most complex projects as far as legal issues go. There are so many things that can occur during a project, that you have to make sure you know how to deal with all these situations in a way that doesn't affect you. In such cases, the builder may have to face a lawsuit, should any of his employees suffer injuries while doing their job.

Construction of production facilities for instance, can have many things happen that require legal representation. It is possible for employees or visitors to your facility or plant to have a slip and fall or some such accident around machines and equipment.

For instance, a client of ours who builds tunnel ovens for large baked goods facilities had finished their installation and was technically no longer responsible for the what happened at the facility. The facility owners were in charge and responsible. Six months after the installation an employee slipped in a puddle of water, and the equipment manufacturer was sued. The case was dismissed and our client was of course found not guilty in the case.

Our construction lawsuit firm can help businesses take all cautionary measures that would allow them to minimize the risk of getting sued by their employees. Our experts are always up to date with the latest laws and regulations in the construction industry, so they can offer consultancy and advice to all companies that want to comply with these legal requirements.

On the other hand, we can assist construction workers in documenting and preparing their case, should they need to sue their employers. We can also represent these people in court, thus increasing their chances to obtain the maximum compensation they are entitled to. You can always speak for yourself in court, but you should be aware that insurance companies and employers want to keep your compensations at a minimum. This is understandable, as insurers have to make as much profit as they can, so they tend to reach settlements that enable them pay as little as possible. Employees who aren't aware of such things tend to agree, thus leaving a lot of money on the table. This is a shame, as they do deserve the highest compensation possible, yet they don't get to receive it simply because they don't know how to prepare and sustain their case in court. Our expert lawyers can help you get properly compensated for your loss. Many times, the benefits exceed our fees, so our clients earn more money by hiring us to help them. It is also possible that we claim only a success fee, so you're going to pay us only if you win.

We take pride in offering our clients full assistance and support during their legal endeavors. Our attorneys of law are experienced professionals, with many years of activity and with hundreds of successes in their portfolio. Besides, we always make sure our lawyers benefit from ongoing training and development, thus preparing them to face even complex challenges. They are ready to assist construction workers or companies in any legal problem. All you need to do is contact us, and you're going to get in touch with one of our legal experts for discussion of your problem in detail.

We can handle all construction related situations, our experience recommending us as one of the best solutions you could possible find. Contact us today, explain us your problem and let us help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Justice is our supreme motivator and the reason why we strive to be better with each and every new client and lawsuit we take care of. The satisfaction of our clients is our pride and our most sought after professional goal.

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Bad Products - Defective and Recalled Construction Products and Materials

Construction Defects - Defective Roofing and Tiling

Construction Defect - Defective Insulation

Construction Defect - Defective Sprinklers

Construction Defects - Defective Siding

National organizations including the National Multi Housing Counsel publish consumer information concerning construction defects, product lawsuits and recalls concerning several housing products. Among the construction and building products recently referenced in construction defect investigations, product lawsuits or product recalls are the following:

Defective Pressed Wood Siding. Several manufacturers have agreed to compensate consumer through court settlements.

Defective Roof Insulation. Beazer phenolic foam roof insulation litigation has resulted in a court settlement.

Invensys Building System Recalls Siebe Actuators. Actuators hold open fire and smoke dampers in building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Omega Sprinkler Recall. Central Sprinkler recalled Omega brand sprinklers because of high failure rates.

O-Ring Sprinkler Recall. Central Sprinkler voluntarily replaced 35 million O-ring sprinklers.

Weyerhauser Hardboard Siding (WHS) Defects.

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