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Defective and Recalled Construction Products and Settlements

Among the construction and building products recently referenced in construction defect investigations, product lawsuits or product recalls are the following:

  • Defective Pressed Wood Siding. Several manufacturers have agreed to compensate consumer through court settlements.
  • Defective Roof Insulation. Beazer phenolic foam roof insulation litigation has resulted in a court settlement.
  • Invensys Building System Recalls Siebe Actuators. Actuators hold open fire and smoke dampers in building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Omega Sprinkler Recall. Central Sprinkler recalled Omega brand sprinklers because of high failure rates.
  • O-Ring Sprinkler Recall. Central Sprinkler voluntarily replaced 35 million O-ring sprinklers.
  • Weyerhauser Hardboard Siding (WHS) Defects.

In addition to NMHC’s reference to these products, several other products have been referenced in construction defects, products lawsuits or product liability settlements. Among the them are:

  • ABS Pipes Litigation and Settlement. ABS Pipes Class Action Settlement – visit the official website to submit a claim or read about the settlement.
  • Cement/fiber Roofing Products known as Cemwood Shakes. American Cemwood Roofing Litigation Settlement. Visit the website for information about the lawsuits and settlements.
  • Super Liquid Raw-Hides and Natural Seal Plus. Behr Wood Sealant Cases – visit the official website for settlement information about the Behr Wood Sealant Products
  • HardiShake and HardiSlate lawsuits. JHBP Roof Shakes Class Action Settlement – visit the official website for lawsuit involving roofing products manufactured or distributed by James Hardie Building Products.
  • Masonite, Omniwood Siding and Woodruf Roofing. Masonite Siding Class Action Settlement – visit the official website for claims about repair and replacement of failing hardboard siding including Masonite, Omniwood siding and Woodruf roofing.
  • Weyerhauser Hardboard Siding Settlement. Weyerhaeuser Hardboard Siding Class Action Settlement – Visit the website for Information on the settlement of class action lawsuits concerning Weyerhaeuser brand exterior hardboard siding, allowing property owners to file claims for compensation.



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