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Bad Buildings - Construction Defects
What do homeowners, hotel operators, and commercial buildings have in common? They all rely on the safety, soundness and quality of their property. Unfortunately, some consumers purchase properties where serious defects are present. Over the last few decades, a body of law has grown up around claims concerning construction lawsuits and is often referred to as “construction defect” litigation.

Some of the most common construction defects involved failing or leaking roofs, leaking or inoperable windows, cracking or unleveled concrete, failing or cracking walls, defective or improperly installed plumbing or electrical equipment.

Buildings are construction products are sometimes in violation of applicable building codes. Building or construction products are sometimes built in violation of plans or permits. Sometimes, building, construction components or constriction products fall below industry standards to such a degree they are considered “substandard” for the construction of the particular building. Sometimes building simply do no last as long as promised or expected, or start to suffer cracks, leaks, and other significant problems related to the building or construction of the subject property.

Consumers are sometimes faced with significant costs of repair for construction defects. Some developers or sellers are willing to make repairs. If not, you may have the ability to proceed with a construction defect claim against the developer, seller, or the contractors responsible for the construction of your building.

Furthermore, Accidents can be avoided by keeping your property clean. When youíre in need of a commercial cleaning service hire people with experience in doing things correctly.

In California, for example, the law provides a procedure for consumers to recover the cost of repair and the cost of the lawsuit. In California, Developers of very large housing tracts may be strictly liable for construction defects.

All states have statutes of limitation that limit the amount time for a claimant or consumer to assert a legal claim in court. Some of the laws concerning statutes of limitation are complicated and they differ from state to state. If you believe you may have a claim, you should promptly preserve your rights or you may forever forfeit any legal right to bring as legal claim for any alleged construction defect.

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Bad Products - Defective and Recalled Construction Products and Materials

Construction Defects - Defective Roofing and Tiling

Construction Defect - Defective Insulation

Construction Defect - Defective Sprinklers

Construction Defects - Defective Siding

National organizations including the National Multi Housing Counsel publish consumer information concerning construction defects, product lawsuits and recalls concerning several housing products. Among the construction and building products recently referenced in construction defect investigations, product lawsuits or product recalls are the following:

Defective Pressed Wood Siding. Several manufacturers have agreed to compensate consumer through court settlements.

Defective Roof Insulation. Beazer phenolic foam roof insulation litigation has resulted in a court settlement.

Invensys Building System Recalls Siebe Actuators. Actuators hold open fire and smoke dampers in building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Omega Sprinkler Recall. Central Sprinkler recalled Omega brand sprinklers because of high failure rates.

O-Ring Sprinkler Recall. Central Sprinkler voluntarily replaced 35 million O-ring sprinklers.

Weyerhauser Hardboard Siding (WHS) Defects.

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